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About Us _


LikeOffice team has vast and rich experience with design and programming of Excel projects.

Our staff spent most of its time working in industrial and hi-tec companies in financial and operational positions. 

Our first tips to any excel user would be:

Practical Tips working with Microsoft Excel _
  • Work activities that repeat again and again should be well covered through Macro or VBA.

  • Always use headings in the first row. Bold them or make them different in some way than your data. The data should start from the second row. Alternatively, it is recommended to work with Excel table rather then a Range. 

  • When making a table of data, avoid using of blank Rows or blank Columns. Excel will probably identify a blank Row or Column as the end of your data.

  • If month names are to be used as headings type a true date (25/12/2002) and custom format as "mmm" or "mmmm". This can make life much easier later on using Excel formulas.

  • If two tables or lists are NOT related keep them on separate sheets. This way if you Filter down one table or list you are not accidentally hiding the rows of another. If the data is related, keep it within the same table or list.

  • Once you are facing a challenge in Excel and you can either look for smart solution or do it "psychically" – go and find a smarter method though it takes more time and energy out of you.

  • Once for a while, google for new "magics" or Excel tips...

  • C o n t r o l s – and excel project you have, dedicate a control section to alert for any mistake or non complete data. Since Excel is easy to make changes, it is also easy to make mistakes. .

  • An Excel file with CIRCULAR is badly wrong. Fix it first.

  • While opening an Excel file, if you are asked to update cells from other Excel files - Wrong

  • An Excel file with 15 worksheets or more - Wrong

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